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Yogi Globals!

Meet Our Sponsors Featuring: Yogi Globals!
Pure plant ingredients


Yogi Globals is  one of the most trusted leading names in India in the field of agro-herbal exports. Yogi Globals sources, processes and exports Henna, Indigo (and other natural hair dyes), herbal hair and skin care products, as well as herbs (in leaf and powder form), Ayurvedic medicines and spices.  Most of the herbal products are directly sourced from farmers in Indian states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Punjab and Tamil Nadu,  where each plant grows under optimal natural conditions to ensure their efficacy.  Yogi Globals is committed to integrity,  excellent customer service,  and the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Meet Our Sponsors Featuring: Yogi Globals!
The glory of nature in every product

Yogi Globals’ founding director belongs to a family of farmers who were involved in the production of botanical & herbs for almost five generations. This hereditary business is built on a deep understanding of each herb’s essence and characteristics. This gives Yogi Globals the ability to produce consistent, high-quality products every time.

Yogi Globals believes in the concept of Total Quality Management that can only be achieved through the Customer Satisfaction. Their team knows that customer ultimately determines the level of quality of the product; so their overarching goal always remains the same: To produce the Finest, Purest and Safest products every time.

What makes Yogi Globals stand out?

  • Wide Range of Premium Quality Products.
  • Commitment to flawless services and On-schedule Delivery.
  • Most Competitive Product & Shipping Prices with Easy Payment modes.
  • Finest, Purest & Safest products – absolutely free from Pesticides, Contaminants & Adulterants.
  • Hypoallergenic & Eco Friendly Packing.
  • Customized Product Development & Private Labeling Services to meet customer’s specific requirements.
  • Trading Globally – We can ship to almost any destination in the World.
  • Continuous improvement in our Product, Packaging & Services.
  • Dedicated to develop and enforce product safety standards and specifications.
  • Define & Synergies work chemistry with identified growers & raw material suppliers.
  • Firm Belief in building long-term Mutually-Beneficial Business Relationships.
  • Maximizing indirect profits to customers by control on various hidden cost.
  • No Child labors & No Cruelty to Animals.

    Meet Our Sponsors-Featuring: Yogi Globals!
    Yogi Globals sources the highest quality ingredients

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