Offering body art classes – henna, jagua, body painting, body frosting (aka “white henna”), glitter mehndi, and more –  in a beautiful, retreat setting. It’s summer camp for artists!

All inclusive henna retreat. Includes cabin lodging, meals, three nights accommodations (plus the option to add a fourth night!), three full days of classes, 4 special evening events, and all of your henna supplies. Take classes with henna masters from across the country. Enjoy a special event each evening with all of the conference attendees and instructors. The Henna Intensive & Retreat is held in the beautiful mountains in Wrightwood, California – just one hour outside of Los Angeles!

Who should attend?

artists • hobbyists • professionals • creatives • and more!

That’s right, we’ve had everyone from tattoo artists, people who like to draw, hobby henna artists, all the way to professional henna artists join us at the Henna Intensive & Retreat! The one thing they all had in common? They wanted to learn more about henna, art, and design from the rockstars of the henna & body art fields.

We have attendees join us from all over the world and from all over the United States.

Whether you’re just starting out as a henna artists, are fully accomplished and working professionally, or just even slightly interested in the idea of doing henna and body art – you will not be disappointed! The Henna Intensive & Retreat is all about the art of henna – how to expand your art – and how to grow as an artist.

The retreat is all-inclusive and it’s a steal!

Why should you attend?

• Striving to become a professional henna and/or body artist?
• Are you a successful henna professional but would like to be more of a henna artist?
• Do you want to take your henna artistry to the next level?
• Dreamed about starting your own henna or body art business?
• Want to find out which path your passion for henna should take?
• Want to learn to add balance, flow, and creativity to your henna process?
• Accelerate your creative process.
• Take your henna and body art in new directions.
• Hone and refine your skills.
• Learn to create clean, confident, and creative designs that speak to your unique passions as an artist.
• Learn to recognize traditional design styles and learn why, when, and where they are used.
• Learn to seamlessly incorporate time honored traditional styles into your work to create a unique artistic expression.

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