How to Pack For Henna Retreat!!!

IT’S ALMOST TIME!!!! We are choosing our classes, finalizing our travel plans, and, of course, beginning to think about PACKING!!!How to Pack For Henna Retreat!!!

What do you need to bring for Retreat? Everyone’s lists will vary, but it is wise to pack as lightly as possible!

How to Pack For Henna Retreat!!!
Don’t be this person!

Camp Teresita Pines is the host for our retreat and we could not be in a better space! The camp boasts gorgeous, hand-built cabins, a large redwood deck outside of the dining hall, a spring-fed swimming pool, miles of hiking trails, a tipi village, as well as both indoor and outdoor spaces for learning!

Here’s a great list of things that you will want to bring with you, and some possible extras.

The “What to Bring” list is a list of things you will need while at the camp. The “In addition” list are items that you might like to bring.

What to Bring…

DIRECTIONS!!!! Print OUT directions to Camp- there is little to no Wi-Fi or cell service on the road to the camp and we want you to arrive safely and without frustration- so DON’T rely on a GPS! (Please plan on arriving while it is still light!)  Directions HERE (scroll down a little) We have a whole blog post dedicated to this, so if you have any challenges getting the directions, please look here!

How to Pack For Henna Retreat!!!
Gotta….make it… all … FIT!


• Pillow and Bedding (either a sleeping bag or sheets/blankets) (Guests that are flying in – we will be offering a low cost option for linens/bedding/etc. Please see our Registration page for information about add-on services: Click here.)
• Toiletries
• Good shoes – either for walking or hiking
• Flashlight
• Washcloth and Towels (will also be needed for swimming)
• Tops, underwear, socks, Shorts/Skirts for the day; Pants/sweatshirt for the evenings, maybe a jacket.
• Swimsuit
• Warm sleepwear
• Insect Repellent (there are mosquitos in some places)
• Sunscreen *Yes, you will be inside a lot, but SOME classes are held outdoors, and you know you want to try out that pool….

• Yoga Mat or Towel for Yoga (it will be held on a wood deck)
• Notebook/sketchbook,  something to write/draw with (Pens are both necessary and easy to forget! Colored pencils!)

• Reusable water bottle – we’re green! (Refill your water bottle at the dining hall or the drinking fountain at the center of camp – fresh, spring water, yum!) Not only is a reusable water bottle sturdier (and it leaks less) than a convenience-store bottle, it also keeps your water tasting more like water and less like hot plastic. For travel, consider getting a slightly smaller water bottle that fits easily in a purse or bag. There are plenty of aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and hard-plastic options in the 12-ounce range.

How to Pack For Henna Retreat!!!
NO, this does not count as a water bottle.

In addition, you may also want to bring:

Small backpack/fanny pack/ belt pack
Flip flops for the shower
Extra blanket/ Warm socks for nighttime

Lip Balm/Moisturizer (dry air!)

Props or design plans for photoshoots (this is a gorgeous place for outdoor shoots of your henna!)

Inspiration- your favourite music, a gorgeous poster or other source of beauty,  books of poetry.

Something comforting- This could be a blanket, your coziest pair of slippers, or your go-to mug and your favorite hot tea.

Laundry Bag -A simple grocery bag will do, but “wet bags” (often used for swimwear or cloth diapers) are wonderful to have!

First Aid Supplies- There are some at camp, but it is wonderful to know exactly where the band-aid or salve is and be able to get it quickly yourself! Scrapes, bites and blisters happen. Make yourself a mini first aid kit and keep it with your toiletries. Suggestions:  a few bandages, and band-aids of different sizes, salve or antibiotic ointment, and maybe some moleskin.

Camera- Extra Memory Card! Don’t miss any of the magic because your card filled up!

Hand Sanitizer

Copies of Travel Documents-Especially for those who are flying in from far away!  If you need a passport, visa or  other important documents to come to camp, make sure you have them, and copies!  (Keep copies in a separate place from the originals!)

Travel Stain Remover! Don’t lose your favorite clothing item to a bad stain. A little prevention goes a long way!suitcases

Last, but not least, A Long Scarf (according to Jen Helsel, it’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s equivalent to a towel.)dont-panic-and-carry-a-towel




We know some of you might have dietary restrictions and/or might just like to bring some of your own treats and snacks.

Please be sure/prepared to have them in an enclosed container – a cooler, a plastic tub with lid for non-perishables, both are great.

There is a communal refrigerator and microwave in the Dining Hall for those who would like to use it.

It’s a great idea to mark in Sharpie with your name!


We’re so excited to see you at the Henna Intensive & Retreat! We can’t wait for you all to arrive!🙂


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Content and editing by Blume Bauer and  Sarah Baxter-Arias –

I am indebted to this blog post for several additional ideas!


This blog was brought to you by the Henna Intensive & Retreat. Want to learn more about the art of henna and body art? Join us for a 5 day/ 4 night retreat in the beautiful mountains of sunny Southern California! Find out more about this life changing event at


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