We’ve been waiting… and here it is!!!!!  We are so excited to be hosting the BIG HENNA CONTEST again this year!! And we can’t wait to see all of your beautiful, amazing, and creative entries!

This contest will test you on many levels. You may find yourself transforming as an artist! The contest is multi-tiered – this is so that every contestant has a chance to win, from beginners all the way to professionals. The first part of the tier is creating the art. Designing an entry that fits the theme and then executing that entry. We highly recommend sketching out a few ideas each round, choosing your favorite and then executing it in henna. You’ll want to produce the best work you can each round. The second tier is getting a beautiful photo of your entry. We all know that photos of our work are what actually “sell” the product- and a contest is no different. Voters will be looking through the entries and they will want to select the entry that is most appealing to their eye. A great photo can certainly give you an edge. The third and last tier, but certainly not least important, is garnering votes. You’ll need to hit the streets so to speak and get out there to get those votes. You’ll be amping up your social media game more than ever before!

*The grand prize winner of the contest will win a FREE registration to this year’s 2016 5th Anniversary Henna Intensive & Retreat!!*

The contest winner will enjoy 5 days and 4 nights in the beautiful mountain town of Wrightwood, California. Three full days (9am to 5pm) of classes by incredibly talented henna and body artists, henna supplies, meals, lodging, yoga, and special events each night are all included! In addition there will be (available for purchase), massage, professional photo shoots, coaching sessions, manicure/pedicures, having your hair hennaed, and an opportunity to shop some fantastic art and henna supplies in our outdoor boutique.



The contest will consist of EIGHT ROUNDS. Each round is themed and the theme is chosen by us here at Siren Song Productions. The first round will consist of anyone and everyone who would like to enter – YES, THAT MEANS YOU! You’ll create an ORIGINAL henna design based on the theme for the round. Then you’ll photograph your design, upload it to Instagram (using official hashtags) AND/OR to Facebook (in the official FB album for each round). All votes count on IG and FB, so we highly encourage you to post to BOTH! The top 20 entries with the most votes from Round 1 will move on to Round 2. Each Round, artists will be eliminated based on least votes until we have a winner of the BIG HENNA CONTEST 2016!!



1. Review the official rules & guidelines for the BIG HENNA CONTEST 2016 on our website.
2. Open an Instagram and/or Facebook account to post your entries (if you have not already done so).
3. Follow the Henna Intensive & Retreat on Instagram (
4. Join the Henna Intensive & Retreat Facebook group (
5. Like our Henna Intensive & Retreat Facebook page (



All votes from Instagram and Facebook will be counted and added together. We highly recommend posting to both platforms. The rules for each platform are different, please READ CAREFULLY.

On Instagram, you may post as many times as you like, BUT you MUST include the official contest hashtags (all of them): ‪#‎bighennacontest‬ ‪#‎hennaretreat‬ ‪#‎hennacampisthebest‬ and ‪#‎bhcround1‬ (2, 3, etc. for the appropriate round you are in). IF you hashtag appropriately, each of your posts will have the “hearts/likes” added together and tallied as part of your vote.

On Facebook, you must post your entry to the official FB photo album on the Henna Intensive & Retreat GROUP – We will set up the album for you to post in each week. When you are ready, you will go to the group, choose “PHOTOS” at the top, then choose “Albums”, then click on the appropriate album for the Round we are in and add your entry to that album. If you have any difficulties, please let Blume Bauer know by tagging her in the group with your question/difficulty. We ask that you post your question in the group as many people might be having the same question. Since you are only posting ONCE to Facebook, that means, you can share your entry to your profile and/or page as often as you would like to garner more and more votes. Just be sure to share the entry posted to the official FB album in the HIR group. That is the ONE place votes will be counted on FB.

People vote for you on Instagram by clicking the “heart” button. On Facebook, people will vote for you by clicking the “Like or Heart or Wow” buttons. They may also comment, of course – and although comments do not garner more votes, they do, however, bump up your post to the top of the feed in Instagram as well as Facebook.

Once the votes have been tallied for a Round, no additional/further votes afterward will be counted.

Follow us on Instagram – and on Facebook – – to vote and follow along with all of the latest entries!


OFFICIAL RULES for the contest can be found on our website at:!contests/pz63p



Following in line with our overall theme of FUSIONS for this year’s BIG HENNA CONTEST, the Round 1 theme for 2016 is…


Whip out your Moroccan inspiration, set it next to your Polynesian inspirations, and start sketching out some ideas for fusing the two styles together. The beautiful straight line-work of Moroccan designs and the strong floral and curves of Polynesian designs really lend themselves to a beautiful marriage of somewhat contrasting elements. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with for the first round of the BIG HENNA CONTEST 2016!!

To get started, make sure you’ve read the Rules of Entry on our website, the Instructions for Contestants, the Voting Information, the Dates and Deadlines, and Round Eliminations (all can be found at the same link to our website above). Once you’ve read everything, you’re ready to start creating!

Happy Hennaing!


The BIG HENNA CONTEST is brought to you by Siren Song Productions and the Henna Intensive & Retreat.
*Prize is non-transferable. Contestant must be able to attend the 2016 retreat.

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Content by Blume and Sarah Baxter-Arias –

This blog was brought to you by the Henna Intensive & Retreat. Want to learn more about the art of henna and body art? Join us for a 5 day/ 4 night retreat in the beautiful mountains of sunny Southern California! Find out more about this life changing event at


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