Hassle-Free Henna Booths!

Today we are excited to feature a blog that features a topic near and dear to our hearts- doing henna at events!  So, you have just booked your first BIG Henna gig- maybe it is a Festival, a Farmer’s Market or a Faire, and you have no idea what you need to pack!

We are thrilled to share  that  this blog features direct input from our fabulous henna community! We asked, you answered!  Here are some truly wonderful ideas to ensure a great booth set up!

We recommend this basic setup to get started:

*A pop-up awning or tent (decorated, if possible!) Whatever you do, don’t forget your tent weights! You don’t want your beautiful set-up flying away in the first strong breeze!

Hassle-Free Henna Booths!
This one is from the Henna Intensive & Retreat- a much smaller one would suffice!


* A henna tattoo sign or business sign/banner


Solstice’s henna banner that she created for us! Isn’t it pretty?! Henna Intensive & Retreat 2015 — with Shawna Dickson, Blume Bauer and Marsha Neill. Photo Credit http://www.graphicvibes.com


* A small table (one of those TV dinner tables which folds up)

* 2 chairs ( can be covered with fabric to be made more appealing, if desired.)

* Table cloth- a pretty set up really does attract more clients

*A 2 x 6 table to put design book, business cards, henna aftercare instructions etc.

* Portfolio ( henna design book). If you can, bring two identical ones. Why? If you set up a system where each pic is coded (i.e. A customer likes image 1A  in the portfolio on the public table- you can check your copy for 1A and know exactly what design they have requested.)

Hassle-Free Henna Booths!
Notice the gorgeous but simple chair covers and the henna portfolio placement! photo and set up credit: Henna Crone



* Business cards

* Henna cones, of course 🙂

* Lemon/sugar mix (or whatever you use to seal your henna), sticks, cotton swabs, etc.

* Enough change in different denominations. (What is enough? $100-200 is recommended, perhaps $100 in ones, $50 in tens and $50 in fives. {USD})

* If you prefer, you can use a reader, like the Square card reader.

* A sturdy wagon to carry ALL your gear in. (If you are pulling that wagon across grassy areas, consider the one with big pneumatic tires!)
 * Remember to take the necessary things to keep hydrated and nourished-protein bars/drinks, fruit/veggies, hummus, nut butter, water, electrolyte drinks, etc., etc.  A grouchy vendor is not a good vendor.
See how happy these well-hydrated artists are?
See how happy these well-caffeinated….errrr “hydrated” artists are?

* A cooler for your henna

* Frozen water bottles for cooler (which you can drink later, after they melt.)

* A pillow or stool to support the body part receiving the henna design.

Hassle-Free Henna Booths!
Henna and photo, courtesy of Debi Varvi, The Henna Crone
Hassle-Free Henna Booths!
A lovely, simple and effective means to keep the skin you are working on accessible AND your client comfortable! Photo and henna credit The Henna Crone

* For those of you in variable climates, consider taking a weather radio and a “bug out bag” (a bag you have ready if you need to leave in a hurry. Leave room in it to throw in your cash box.) If children are with you, pack one bug out bag for kid’s needs and one for yours.

* If you bring a pet/child(ren) with you, make SURE you have shade! For small companions, bring EVERYTHING they will need! Food, water, place to nap, entertainment, confinement if needed (playpen), sunscreen, coloring books, toys, the kitchen sink… and make SURE you can actually carry it all! An easy-to-pack and port wagon, bag, or box is best so you can pack it quickly in an emergency or at the end of the day.


* Bring a large basket so clients can put their bag(s) in it by the side of chair.  Some clients feel nervous if their bags are too far away from them and it can make them fidgety- which makes for some challenging henna application!  (You can use the basket to pack supplies into, as well!)

* Ensure sure you are WELL organized before the event- you want to know you have everything you need -and that you know exactly where it is, so set up is a breeze!

* Have extras of everything if you can!

* A booth buddy or ‘booth babe” to help you manage cash flow, clients and other details…and to give you a break! Ideally, they will also be a henna artist. If you are just starting out, it could be a good opportunity for both of you to gain more experience, more beautiful shots of each of your art work to use for your promotions, and to gain repeat clients.

Hassle-Free Henna Booths!
“Booth Babe” Blume greets new clients and helps them choose their design while they wait their turn! Photo Credit The Henna Crone


* Arrive early enough to allow for things to go wrong/not be as described/weather/things not where they are supposed to be, etc., so you are not frazzled by the last minute things that can(will) go wrong!

Obviously, you don’t have to start out with a huge setup, but the more you can anticipate potential challenges, your needs and the steady influx of eager customers, the more satisfied you will be at the end of the day with your experience, and the happier your clients will be at receiving lovely art from a calm, confident vendor.

Remember, a well-prepared Henna Artist is a successful Henna Artist!

Hassle-Free Henna Booths!
A well-prepared (and luxurious!) professional henna setup!



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Content and editing by Blume Bauerwww.blumebauer.com and Sarah Baxter-Arias –  www.danceandsingsarah.com

With  Contributions from:

Aneeta Nashad

Blume Bauer

Shara Amir

Connie Moore Bottini



This blog was brought to you by the Henna Intensive & Retreat. Want to learn more about the art of henna and body art? Join us for a 5 day/ 4 night retreat in the beautiful mountains of sunny Southern California! Find out more about this life changing event at www.hennaintensiveandretreat.com




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