How To Design Your Website, Part 1!

By Blume Bauer and Sarah Baxter-Arias

As each henna artist builds their business, they find many tools to be helpful.  In the beginning, knowing what to do can seem overwhelming and even intimidating, so we present a simple overview to get you started!

To attract new clientele and showcase their art, most henna artists keep a portfolio to display at events, and may also have an online gallery. One of the most effective tools for bringing in new business is the personalized website. If you don’t yet have one, fear not! Free websites are actually quite simple to create now, and offer many features that used to only exist on paid websites!

Here’s a list of great template sites online to use to create a website for your henna and/or body art business:

How To Design Your Website, Part 1!
Debi Varvi applies henna to Melanie

Since henna is a visual art, it is vitally important to have the highest quality photographs of your work you can get. (Please see our previous interview with Lee Corkett and Debi Varvi for more wonderful information on this!) When thinking about choosing photos to display on your website, choose the ones that you think will catch the most attention. Your best work should be displayed vs. all of your work. It’s better to only have a few photos (if that’s all you have) that look great than to have a mix of good and bad photos. Choose photos with good lighting, nice backgrounds, and including faces is a great way to garner customers. People like to see other people’s faces.

They want to see a smile on the girl getting henna or the guy who just got his first hennaed flaming eyeball.

How To Design Your Website, Part 1!
Stunning henna and recipient! Henna by Debi Varvi

Your customers will often connect better with other people than they will with the “dead arm” or “floating leg” photos (where it is just the small portion of the body that was hennaed). Of course, as artists, we all want to see the design as close up as possible.

How To Design Your Website, Part 1!
Beautiful images from the Big Henna Contest 2014

But remember, your potential customer isn’t looking at just the design. They need to be won over that you are the right henna artist for them.

Just getting started? Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, you can take some pretty good pics with an iPhone or Android phone. There are several apps out there to help enhance your photos and give them that little punch of color and beauty they need to really *wow* your audience. It’s great to use these apps for photos that you post to social media as well as to your website. However, I highly recommend at some point (when you can afford it), that you set aside the funds for a professional photo shoot of your work. Once you have professional photos, they can be used to make your website, your business, and you look like the henna and body art professional that you are.

Here’s a list of fun apps for your phone that help make your pics look better than ever:

  • Hipstamatic
  • Dramatic Black & White
  • Retromatic
  • HDR Photo

I also like these few apps for adding text, frames, and fun shapes to photos:

  • PicoSweet
  • PopDot
  • WordSwag
  • Fontpress


And there you go! Keeping it simple when you first begin is imperative- it is very easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated if you are developing a new skill (like building a site!) Enlist the help of friends who have skills you need, and if you can, hire professionals who will help you represent your art and your style to your public, and start attracting the people you want to henna!

We hope you have enjoyed Part 1! Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!


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