Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq

by Angela Purnell

Having the opportunity to interview Khadija of Henna Sooq is an awesome opportunity for anyone, but the fact that the reason I’m here (loving henna, attending the Henna Intensive and Retreat, and blogging) is all thanks to her…   Khadija gave me my first henna tattoo!

Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie Purnell

I have always admired the art, and many years ago, I received a jagua tattoo while on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland.  Then, while my sister and I were attending a natural hair show at the Convention center in Washington, DC last August, I met Khadija at her henna booth.  She displayed a wide variety of henna products that now make sense to me- but were a complete mystery then!Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie Purnell


The booth was constantly surrounded by excited customers anticipating their henna tattoo, flipping excitedly through her portfolio to select a design.  Everyone  patiently waited their turn and enjoyed watching other customers receive their henna.  Excitement and awe would spread to those surrounding the booth once a tattoo was complete, and everyone around took delight in the beautiful, elegant and clean designs she created!Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie Purnell

When my turn came I couldn’t take my eyes off my hand.  She worked skillfully and quickly yet with a grace, patience and ease that in no way felt rushed.  I did manage to pull my eyes away long enough to ask her about teaching henna, and she told me about the lessons she gave at her studio in Maryland and directed me to her website.  She was very sweet and we talked a little more.  I got a very good vibe from her!

The smell of the henna was intoxicating;  I left her booth feeling like I had a mini spa treatment. And for the rest of the day, I was a celebrity flaunting her beautiful henna design adorned with glitter!!!  The slightest wave of my henna-adorned hand brought about a rush of excitement, awe, compliments and questions from anyone within viewing range.  Over the next 48 hours, I was in for an unexpected treat as the stain transformed into a rich, dark chocolate! This girl makes some GOOOD henna!!  Love her!

ANGIE: Khadija, thank you for taking the time to do this interview!  I really appreciate it!  How long have you been doing henna tattoos?

10 years (since 2005).

Describe when you first realized  henna tattooing was something you wanted or had to do.

I realized that after I took a henna workshop in Montreal. I was completely hooked and realized there wasn’t a large market in Canada and I could really do well.


Describe how you got involved in using henna to dye and treat the hair? Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie Purnell

Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie Purnell
Jamal and Khadija!

I had been experienced with henna for hair before I became interested in henna body art. I loved it for my own personal use, and my husband, Jamal actually really pushed me into carrying henna for hair products. Natural hair is such a huge market and so diverse. I love it.

Do you have any creative rituals or routines?

Not really. I’m just so busy and wish I had some type of routine or ritual. Maybe someone can suggest one for me!

Who (famous) would you love to put henna on?

I’d absolutely love to do henna for Beyonce. Jamal’s cousin is her nail tech, and I’ve heard so many good things about her as a person, and how she’s committed to people she works with. I also especially like doing henna on people who sincerely like henna.

Henna in western society – is it here to stay or a passing trend?

It is here to stay for life.

Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie PurnellWhat do you hope to see in future of henna tattoo art?

I’d like to see continuous pushing of the paste and creativity. I would love for more artists to come together for the love of henna.

What other forms of art do you like?  

I run the Henna Artisans page on facebook – which features henna-inspired art I love.

What is the funniest or weirdest henna tattoo request you’ve received?

To do henna on a penis. It was hilarious!!

What is your one guilty pleasure?

Eating out way too much! Every trip I go on, I have to find the best restaurants and try them out.

How large is your family? How many children do you have and what ages are they?

We have a very large family, with 6 children. They are 16, 15, 13, 12, 9, and 7.
 Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie Purnell
How do you juggle family life with running a large, successful business?!
I juggle my business by being as organized as possible. I make and write many lists and I use apps to help. Sometimes, I just tell myself not to think too much (or too hard) into everything I have to do. One thing at a time.

What motivated you to open Henna Sooq?

I love being with my kids and wanted a flexible schedule. I wanted to do something I really loved and making money from that was such a great bonus. I saw the Canadian market as being wide open for the “henna” taking.

When did you open Henna Sooq?Interview with Khadija of Henna Sooq by Angie Purnell

In Montreal in 2005.

What did you find most challenging when starting your business?

Building a good website – and getting help in that area.

If you could do it all again what would you do differently?

I would have started all my book keeping and taxes in an orderly fashion from the start, so that I wouldn’t have this tedious task taking me away from the creative parts of my business that I love.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business?

If you plan on going into this business for more then 5 years, then get your books in order from the start! Working for yourself has to be your passion and drive. You have to know and learn what you want and go for it. Make sure you keep it all balanced,so that you always know why you started and can continue to love what you do.

What is Henna Chai?

Henna Chai started as our annual henna conference, which then became a retreat. Now, in 2016, it has become a series of Henna Weekends held monthly.

Describe Henna Chai: 12 Months of Henna Weekends and the motivation behind it.

A light bulb went off one day as I was thinking about all I had to do to plan this one annual weekend. I was so overwhelmed with the thought of all the work and so forth. So this little light bulb brightened up and the thought of just doing henna weekends with my favorite henna artists would be awesome. I would only need to do this once a month, and with 1 artist (or 2) each time.

What are your plans and goals for Henna Chai: 12 Months of Henna Weekends?

The plan is to have the best henna artists come and teach. It would be a time for artists to concentrate on 1 artist at a time and get more individual attention. It allows for access to online classes for students who want to learn worldwide. This also keeps Henna Chai relevant and sets it apart from other henna events. I also strongly believe in evolving and we all have to keep up with the times.

What do you enjoy most about hosting Henna Chai: 12 Months of Henna Weekends?

I enjoy that I also get to learn and be a student. I feel like I have more time to appreciate each artist.


Thank you so much for joining us today, Khadija! We so appreciate your dedication, enthusiasm and artistry!


Great chat with Khadija!!! Stay tuned for more interviews – Coming soon!

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