Why Henna Cones Are Smarter Than Me

Why Henna Cones are smarter than Me!

By Leto Minowa

Because henna cones are like roadrunners. Evasive, tricky, “meep-meeping”  twerps that outsmart you at every turn. At least, they are if you don’t know how to make the stinkers. After ten years of multiple methods and shortcuts and schemes, they are the bane of my baby business, blowing raspberries at me as they zoom further and further away from my comprehension.

Why Henna Cones are smarter than Me by Leto Minowa
Meep Meep!
Why Henna Cones are smarter than Me by Leto Minowa

I won’t go into all the idiotic methods I’ve attempted (hint: one had <ahem> a reservoir tip), just the latest failed conquest: pastry bags!

A beautiful thing, right? Fifty disposable bags for five bucks, all begging to be filled with over a hundred dollars of potential! Interchangeable tips! Imagine the precision, the artistry!

Or this.

Why Henna Cones are smarter than Me by Leto Minowa

THAT is a chopstick jammed in the business end of it, because I thought I’d be smart and try to mix the henna in the same bag as the one I was going to use, and guess what??!! There was a ton of dry henna powder in the bottom towards the tip. And was I going to do something properly, like squeeeeeeeeeze it back out and put due diligence into the concoction? Oh, no. No, no.

Why Henna Cones are smarter than Me by Leto Minowa

Whatever, because the chopstick worked well enough, and I wound up with a decent texture, despite using powder from…oh, maybe 2009 that came in this box…

(And yes, that sticker says $1.49, and yes, I am a sacrilegious quality-sacrificing penny-snorting cheapskate.)

Why Henna Cones are smarter than Me by Leto Minowa
Free stuff must be good, right????

I figured, “this should be easy.” You splat some henna paste into a cone, tape ‘er up, do a squish test, and voila, you have an instrument of infinite creativity in your hands, ready to burst with all the possibilities, right?!

Or just burst. All. Over. Me.

Why Henna Cones are smarter than Me by Leto Minowa


Meep meep!

Wile E. Coyote has had enough. I’m buying pre-made.


We hope you have enjoyed this light-hearted post in our “Newbie Henna Artist Series” with Leto!
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Leto Minowa

Leto Minowa

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