1 WHY ME?!

by Leto Minowa

We henna artistes are one diverse, beautiful mess of a tribe.

Some of us are still a hot mess *raises hand* and haven’t exactly gotten the hang of immaculate mandalas *shrugs cavalierly*

…or draping *sheepishly grins* or …

…making cones *lowers eyes.*  Or even making henna, for that matter!

*Puts self in the corner and then walks right back out because this is NOT about punishing ourselves!*  

This is about knowing that, regardless of your skill level or walk of life, someone else out there has their wardrobe covered in brown stains for the same reason—that shared passion for the art -and all the hard work behind the beauty.

This is about letting you know that you can prevail over those exasperating hurdles that are thrown at you, and do it all in your own creative way. Bonus: You will have me as a prime example of how it could always be worse. Or weirder. Or even more inexplicably frustrating.

Image courtesy of Master isolated images at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Why me? My expertise lies in stubbing toes on obstacles, having started dabbling in henna when I was seventeen, and finally getting the gumption to really go for it a full ten years later. I’ve faced many pitfalls, and about a year ago, I decided to give up. In a way, these blog entries are going to be just as much for me as they are for you, because in the process of writing, I will be doing henna for real this time. There’s nothing like accountability to get you going! (That, and the impending doom of student loans waggling their scaly nostrils around your credit score!)

Here I’ll be chronicling difficulties that you experience when you’re:

*First starting out

*Starting up your own business

*You’re me. ( Well, like me, anyway!)16

The best part is, there’s always going to be an innovative solution, and there’s no going back now! So follow along, and feel free to ask questions! One of the best things about our community is how incredibly generous other artists are with their advice and help, and I’ll be eeking out every iota of it for our mutual benefit.

In the words of the great Douglas Adams, Don’t Panic.  You’re not alone. 14My utter boobery will keep you company while you’re on the journey.


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