What to Bring | Henna Retreat Blog by Siren's SongWhat to Bring – HIR 2015

Here’s a great list of things that you will want to bring with you. The “What to Bring” list is a list of things you will need while at the camp. The “In addition” list are items that you might like to bring. As we think of more items, we will add to the list. Please check back just before packing to see if there is anything else that has been added.

Our guests that are flying in – we will be offering a low cost option for linens/bedding/etc. Please see our Registration page for information about add-on services: Click here.

What to Bring…

• Bedding (either a sleeping bag or sheets/blankets)
• Pillow
• Toiletries
• Good shoes – either for walking or hiking
• Flashlight
• Washcloth and Towels (will also be needed for swimming)
• Shorts/Skirts for the day; Pants/sweatshirt for the evenings
• Swimsuit
• Warm sleepwear
• Insect Repellent (there are mosquitos in some places)
• Sunscreen
• Notebook/sketchbook
• Yoga Mat or Towel for Yoga (it will be held on a wood deck)
• Reusable water bottle – we’re green! (Refill your water bottle at the dining hall or the drinking fountain at the center of camp – fresh, spring water, yum!)

In addition, you may also want to bring:

Long Scarf (according to Jen Helsel, it’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s equivalent to a towel)
Reusable water bottle
Small backpack/fanny pack/ belt pack
Laundry Bag
Flip flops for the shower
Extra blanket
Warm socks for nighttime
Moisturizer (dry air!)



We know some of you might have dietary restrictions and/or might just like to bring some of your own treats and snacks.

Please be sure/prepared to have them in an enclosed container – a cooler, a plastic tub with lid for non-perishables, both are great.

There is a communal refrigerator and microwave in the Dining Hall for those who would like to use it.

It’s a great idea to mark in Sharpie with your name!


We’re so excited to see you at the Henna Intensive & Retreat! We can’t wait for September to arrive! 🙂

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