*Mentorship Opportunity with Sarah!*

HENNA INTENSIVE AND RETREAT 2015 Special Retreat Offering:

Mentorship Opportunity with Sarah

sarah closeup dsphsh12


“Someone, somewhere needs exactly what you have to offer.”  Louise Hay

Do you have an abundance of passion for your henna artistry but a lack of clarity or direction?

Do you have doubts about your value to the community or your ability to book well-paid gigs? Meet Sarah!

life is beautiful

Sarah Baxter has been a personal growth motivator (aka “fire-starter’’) for many years and is also a passionate artist, mother, teacher, coach and is ever-evolving herself.
Sarah is making herself available to you at the 2015 Henna Intensive and Retreat for very special one-on-one mentoring sessions to help YOU get clear on what makes YOUR art special and how to get connected with the people who want it! When you book with Sarah you will receive the benefits of mentorship poured into her by many wonderful teachers, including Penny Collins, who has worked with many of you as a brilliant life coach. Sarah brings her unique perspective developed by years of growth work, tough questions, honest feedback, clear perception and respect for each person’s individual journey.

Sign up here for your one-on-one session with Sarah

Session Rates: 1 hour: $35 / 1.5 hours: $45 / 2 hours: $55 Sessions will be scheduled during free time, so no classes need be missed!

Still not sure if mentoring is for you? Contact Sarah to get more information: danceandsing.sarah@gmail.com

*****PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY available until SEPTEMBER 4th!!! After that date, I will not be able to take any new registrations!*******

Link above not working for you? Copy and paste this in your browser, or Click: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mentoring-session-with-sarah-tickets-18141088484



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