This year’s contest was filled with all sorts of new challenges for us but the contestants did not fail to impress! Our final two did such an amazing job. Their entries were so different but both unique and beautiful and the votes were SO CLOSE!!! They also were the highest vote tallies we have ever encountered in the history of the Big Henna Contest. We are so impressed!

It’s been an awe-inspiring 9 weeks (the first round was 2 weeks). Both of the finalists have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this contest and both have completed incredible henna designs. We could not be more proud to have inspired you ladies to the new heights in henna!

Thank you so all of our amazing contestants over the course of the contest. Your designs have blown us away and inspired us in return. Each time we do this contest, we are in amazement of all of the contestants creativity, tenacity, and desire to expand their henna skills. We hope that each and every one of you have had as much fun following, participating, and enjoying the contest as we have!

***** drum roll please ******

The winner with 1,196 (yes, OVER 1,000) Votes for the final round of The Big Henna Contest is….

Anita Reed!!!!!

Anita Reed
Anita Reed

(Pictured, collage of Anita’s work over the course of the contest.)

 Anita wins a COMPLIMENTARY registration to this year’s Henna Intensive & Retreat 2015 and we could not be more delighted to have her joining us! Congratulations Anita!


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