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WOW! The Big Henna Contest has already been such a whirlwind! From controversy over one of the entries to spam votes for another entry, this has been the most exciting round in the history of the #bighennacontest!

None of this negates the incredible work that has been done for this Round. The beasts and creatures came alive with henna and we were thrilled to see you all using your imaginations, pushing yourselves beyond any limits we could have ever imagined. We just cannot wait to see what you do for the next Round!!

***Please read this ENTIRE post for important info – especially if you are a contestant***

Round 4 was so close in votes for the top 2, it was almost a tie! As you know, in Round 4 we will go from 12 contestants down to 8! Things are heating up and getting serious. We are so sad to say goodbye to the 4 contestants that are leaving the official competition, but please note that you are always welcome to continue forward and at least post what you would have done for the next rounds in the Facebook group. We would love to see you continue to push the boundaries!

round 5

Congratulations to the contestants going into Round 5 – you are our SEMI-FINALISTS!!

Anita Reed – 329 Votes
Arpita Joshi – 320 Votes
Lauren Dale – 243 Votes
Sandy Brame – 197 Votes
Sarah Meyers – 182 Votes
Genisis Crowley – 125 Votes
Solstice Henna – 122 Votes
Marsha Neill – 113 Votes

Congratulations to our Semi-Finalists!!


The last round was so fantastic and we just know that this next round is going to be even more incredible!! Remember, imagination is key!

The Round 5 theme is INSECTS!!

Don’t let those little bugs bite, instead give them a new life. Roam around your yard for inspiration. Follow a butterfly across the wind, hop behind a grasshopper, watch a spider crawl up the water spout. There is inspiration everywhere for this theme. And don’t forget to use your IMAGINATION!



The deadline for Round 5 entries is Wednesday, July 8th at Midnight PST.
(All entries must be pinned to the contest board by that date/time to be considered.)

Voting closes on Sunday, July 12th at midnight PST.


We’re getting closer and closer to the end of our 8 rounds… who do you think will be the winner of the final round?!

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