Hi Everyone! we are so excited to announce……..

It’s here!! The Big Henna Contest is BACK!!!

Please take a gander at all of the info below. We promise it will be worth it. We hope that you all will enter for this chance to win a FREE registration to the 2015 Henna Intensive & Retreat!

big henna contest

There is a LOT of information below on the contest. Please do read all of it!

Below, you will find out:

~How to enter

~Dates for the entire contest

~What to expect

~ And last, but not least, the theme for Round 1 of the Big Henna Contest!!

To follow along with the contest, whether you submit art or not, please join us on Facebook and on Pinterest.

Okay, here we go! The Sirens and I are incredibly excited to announce the return of The Big Henna Contest, brought to you by Siren Song Productions and the Henna Intensive & Retreat!

Get out your henna cones and bottles and start doing your mudras to warm up those hands. Break out your creativity, and your ingenuity because we are going to test your skills and abilities every step of the way.

Enter to win a free registration to the 2015 Henna Intensive & Retreat!! That’s right, we said FREE!

The contest winner enjoy 5 days and 4 nights in the beautiful mountain town of Wrightwood, California. Three full days (9am to 5pm) of classes by incredibly talented henna artists, henna supplies, meals, lodging, yoga, and special events each night are included! In addition, there will be (available for purchase) massage, professional photo shoots, coaching sessions, and an opportunity to shop for some fantastic art and henna supplies in our outdoor boutique.

We are so excited to bring you a BRAND NEW overall theme for the 2015 Big Henna Contest! Start up your brainstorming, warm up your fingers for research, get ready to dream up some big ideas… this year’s overall theme is… *drum roll please*…


That’s right. Unlike previous years, this year’s rounds will all be based on using your imagination. Get funky, get wild, get creative! Pull out all the stops, because your competitors will! This is your time to shine. The more creative, the more fun, the more fun, the more votes!!

IMAGINATION is the major theme for the entire competition this year, and each round will have its own unique sub-theme to get your wheels turning. Are you ready for this??

Yes?! YES?! YES????!!!!

Excellent!  Here is how you can compete!

The contest will consist of EIGHT ROUNDS.

Each round is themed and the theme is chosen by us here at Siren Song Productions. The first round will consist of anyone and everyone who would like to enter. You’ll create an original henna design based on the theme for the round.

Then you’ll photograph your design, upload it to your Pinterest account, and Pin it on the “The Big Henna Contest 2015” board!

The top 20 most voted for pins in the first round will move on to the second round. Each round, artists will be eliminated based on least votes until we have a winner of THE BIG HENNA CONTEST 2015!!

This year’s contest is already underway (began June 1st!!!) and the submissions so far are incredible!

This time around, we will be counting re-pins as well as “hearts/favorites” in the total votes. Multiple re-pins are permitted and encouraged, however, we will only be counting 1 re-pin per user. Multiple re-pins still help contestants by giving them more exposure to their entry (by re-appearing in the feed). We highly encourage people to re-pin as often as they like. This may garner more likes and re-pins in addition to the original re-pinner.

Rev up your creative engines, be sure you have plenty of henna mixed and ready, and set your imagination free!

Theme for Round 1 is…JEWELRY!!!

Remember that this year’s contest is all about Imagination. Find a piece of jewelry, find 10, find 20, whatever your heart desires! Use those pieces as inspiration for a henna design.

Posting for this first round will be a little more tricky.

*We need at least one pic of the jewelry you used for inspiration PLUS the pic of your henna. You can quickly/easily make a collage on PicMonkey.com of your multiple photos. You can even edit it and add a watermark.

*When you Pin your photo for the contest, please be sure to include the following:
‪              #‎hennaretreat‬
               Big Henna Contest

*It’s also really smart to include your name, a bit about your inspiration, etc. People love to vote for a great story!* (Want to see the submissions that are already up? Click HERE!)


1. Be sure you have completed the pre-contest objectives.*  (Listed below*)

2. Create an original henna design using henna paste based on the theme for each round.

3. Photograph your henna design and upload it to your Pinterest account.

4. Send us an email to sirens@sirensongproductions.org with the following**: a. Your name b. Your henna business name c. The email address attached to your Pinterest account

5. Post, tweet, share, pin, email, and do whatever you can to get the most votes (“hearts/favorites & re-pins) possible for your henna design.

*Pre-Contest Objectives
1. Review the official rules & guidelines for The Big Henna Contest 2015.
2. Open a Pinterest account, if you do not have one already. (www.pinterest.com)
3. Follow Henna Intensive & Retreat on Pinterest
4. Review Pinterest Basics.
5. Review Instructions on how to add a pin.

**We will send you an invite to pin to The Big Henna Contest 2015 Board for each round (if you have not been eliminated). Your email address will be added to our mailing list for the Henna Intensive & Retreat.

The Big Henna Contest 2015 Rules for Entry

1. Entrants may not be past or current instructors from the Henna Intensive & Retreat.
2. Previous contest winners of The Big Henna Contest may not enter.
3. Designs must be newly created with the purpose of entering the contest.
4. Designs must fit the theme for each round. If the design does not fit the theme, you will be contacted and asked to make a statement as to why you think your design fits the theme for that round. If the design is still deemed as not fitting the theme, it will be removed from the contest and you will be asked to create another design if time allows.
5. Henna designs may be done on any surface, including skin, paper, fabric, objects, etc.
6. Henna designs MUST BE done with natural henna paste.
7. Any participant may enter – even those whom have already paid. If a registrant has already paid, they will be reimbursed the full amount of the registration fees.
8. Participants may register for the retreat anytime during the contest – even if still in the running – to guarantee a spot at the retreat in the event that they do not win the contest. We highly encourage participants to register, even if competing, as we have a limited number of spaces and we have only secured a space for the contest winner.
9. Votes will be tallied by “likes/favorites/hearts” as well as re-pins (one re-pin per user will be counted).
10. Rounds will consist of the following top voted henna artists:

Round 1 = all henna artists are welcome to participate
Round 2 = 20 top voted henna artists
Round 3 = 15 top voted henna artists
Round 4 = 12 top voted henna artists
Round 5 = 8 top voted henna artists – SEMI-FINALISTS
Round 6 = 5 top voted henna artists
Round 7 = 3 top voted henna artists
Round 8 = 2 top voted henna artists compete to determine the WINNER!!!

Follow us on Pinterest to follow the contest and all of the excitement!

PLEASE NOTE: Winner must be able to attend the Henna Intensive & Retreat 2015. Prize is non-transferable.

VERY IMPORTANT dates to put down on your calendars for The Big Henna Contest!!

The Big Henna Contest Dates 2015

Starts Monday, June 1st –
Round 1 Entries due by Sunday, June 7th
Voting closes Sunday, June 14th

Round 2 Starts Monday, June 15th
Entries due by Wednesday, June 17th
Voting closes Sunday, June 21st

Round 3 Starts Monday, June 22nd
Entries due by Wednesday, June 24th
Voting closes Sunday, June 28th

Round 4 Starts Monday, June 29th
Entries due by Wednesday, July 1st
Voting closes Sunday, July 5th

Round 5 Starts Monday, July 6th
Entries due by Wednesday, July 8th
Voting closes Sunday, July 12th

Round 6 Starts Monday, July 13th
Entries due by Wednesday, July 15th
Voting closes Sunday, July 19th

Round 7 Starts Monday, July 20th
Entries due by Wednesday, July 22nd
Voting closes Sunday, July 26th

Round 8 Starts Monday, July 27th
Entries due by Wednesday, July 29th
Voting closes Sunday, August 3rd

Announce winner on August 5th

Happy Hennaing!!!



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