What’s Down There?

Ok, this is better. Much better! Not the Animoto per se, but the subject. It’s more of a story.

It may not seem henna related, but henna has actually brought me back to my first love, color pencil and pen & ink drawing. It began when I realized that the “Thomas Guide Map” books that I was about to throw away were actually a metric butt load of paper that I might be able to re-use! Naturally, I whipped out a henna cone and hennaed a Dia de Los Muertos skull on the first page I tore out. I really liked it, until I took the henna off. I actually was looking forward to seeing the more organic, perhaps even ghostly effect of the henna stain on the map, but the design just seemed to want to disappear into the streets and counties.

So I got out my Prismacolor pencils and tried to bring the design out, subtly at first, but the color pencils threatened to obscure the faint henna stain lines.

Then I figured I’d color pencil the design first, then henna in the details. Which I liked much better.

The next step took me right back to my roots. I couldn’t help it! I got out my India ink and quill pen… I hadn’t been this excited about drawing since college!!!

And now these little 30 second Animotos! It is starting to feel like a little story… I just love that so much!

Just goes to show, you never know where the henna will take you!


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