Walk Like an Egyptian


Wow! What is it about seeing a video of my work that is so fun, and even satisfying? Is it the performance fantasy? Henna is a performance art, in a sense. Especially if you are a festival artist, as I primarily am. Setting up my booth in the street, creating this exotic space, people watching me work, who knew it would be this much fun?

Now there’s this Animoto site! So easy to use, and since I began taking progression photos of my work a few years ago, there are plenty of shots I can use to make these little 30 second movies. Well, more of a slide show set to music, but still, so much fun! Of course, maybe it’s just me…

I do spend an inordinate amount of time on YouTube, watching other henna artists as they create their henna designs. It’s not only instructive, but rather meditative as well, to watch the rhythm of the creation. But not having a video camera, showing the photos of the work in progression is the best I can do, and I can’t help but feel it’s instructive. Of course, the Animoto is less instructive, but more fun! I made a movie! Yep, just being able to say that is pretty exciting!

I’m predicting more Animoto fun in my future!


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