Henna Recipes of the Rich and Famous “Fresh Powder Wishes and Essential Oil Dreams”

Henna Recipes of the Rich and Famous “Fresh Powder Wishes and Essential Oil Dreams”

Jen May Cause Stains Helsel

First, let me start by saying I am super neurotic and over controlling about my henna paste.  And I don’t do clogs.

• 100g Henna powder
• Lemon juice
• 1 oz Cajeput or organic lavender
• 1-2-ish Tablespoons of sugar

I start out by sifting my henna (Red Raj is my favorite, with Mohana as a close 2nd) through organza cloth.  I use marbles, instead of coins, because coins stick together.

Then, I strain some lemon juice through a coffee filter, and then warm it.  Warm, not hot.

The sifted henna, sugar, and essential oil is combined the Ninja food processor.  Then I add lemon juice, a bit at a time, mixing, until it is all thick and goopy.  I will thin it later.

I leave it covered at 85-95*F for a couple of hours.  When even the smallest part is exposed to air, it will start to darken once the stain begins to release.  That’s when I start spot checking it.  When I get a sharp cheddar-pumpkin stain in a minute or so on the palm of my hand, it’s ready.

At this point, I add more filtered lemon juice until it is the consistency that I like.  It should melt a little into itself, but not completely disappear into a puddle.  I found a produce bag that I prefer to use for straining, but nylons will work.  I scoop the paste into the straining bag inside the carrot bag.  Twist.  Then I pull the straining bag out with one hand, while pinching the carrot bag shut with the other hand to keep the henna in.  Voila!  The henna is in the carrot bag, ready to cone and freeze immediately.

Here is a youtube link to my finished consistency.

www.jHennaArt.com is my website

Henna Recipes of the Rich and Famous “Fresh Powder Wishes and Essential Oil Dreams”

Khadija Dawn-Carryl

Here’s one of my fave recipes (other then my Red Raj with Jamila recipe which I use mainly but wanted to present something different)
Khadija’s Moroccan Henna Recipe

● Place 2 tbsp of Moroccan Henna Powder into a bowl
● Prepare the lemon juice, water, tea and cloves brew. Allow to cool to warm
● Add liquid a little at a time. Mix well, until consistency of thick mashed potatoes
● Allow to rest 1-2 hours
● Add 1 tsp of molasses or as desired
● Add 1 tsp of essential oils. I add a combination of bergamot (bergaptene free), cajeput and lavender
● Mix well, and allow to rest an additional 3-4 hours
● Check for dye release. Once paste is ready, add more liquid/brew that is at room temperature. Add a little at a time until consistency of thick toothpaste or as desired
● Now it’s ready to use!
● Please use moroccan henna paste fresh as it doesn’t always keep well when frozen

Henna Recipes of the Rich and Famous “Fresh Powder Wishes and Essential Oil Dreams”

Henna Recipes of the Rich and Famous “Fresh Powder Wishes and Essential Oil Dreams”
Debi Varvi aka Henna Crone:

Here’s my basic recipe. For years I carefully measured all of my ingredients, now I simply judge by smell and consistency.

● 2 tablspoons of henna powder (I prefer Rajasthani henna).
● Enough lemon juice to make a thick paste (the consistency of toothpaste).
● Cover with plastic wrap so that it touches the paste.
● Let rest approximately 24 hours.
● Uncover and mix in 1 teaspoon of essential oil (I like a mix of lavender, tea tree and cajeput).
● Mix in 1 teaspoon of molasses (I live in a dry climate).
● Mix well and if necessary, add lemon juice a few drops at a time to make a soft consistency (the paste should not hold a peak and should run like a ribbon from the spoon.
● Cover again and let rest at least an hour.
● Strain through a nylon sock into a zip lock sandwich baggie, snip the corner of the baggie.
● Fill your cones!

Here’s a little video of the consistency I like:

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